I home school my kids. Let me rephrase…I tell them to come do their school work which is online and through a virtual curriculum from So I am home with them while they have school. So yes, I home school…sort of. At any rate, once a week Rabid Hyena the Younger meets with a behavioral specialist at the local brick & mortar (that’s a cool name we virtual home schoolers call an actual non-virtual school). It’s something he has done since the 1st grade. Today we had his usual meeting but on a different day and at an earlier time as the brick & mortar had an early dismissal day. Rabid Hyena the Elder & I sat in the Jeep waiting, enjoying some radio tunes and soaking up the gorgeous April weather. As time wore on, I noticed there were cars lining up behind us in preparation for dismissal. We were blocked in. By the time Rabid Hyena the Younger returned, we knew we were stuck there for awhile. After a brief discussion about whether I should just 4-wheel it over the grass and out to the street, I looked up and noticed a spider. A tiny, white spider crawling on the scorching hot roof of the Jeep. I pointed it out to the boys and immediately they fled the vehicle. Rabid Hyena the Elder did so so fast that he tripped on the grass and rolled like he was ON FIRE! All that for a tiny, TINY spider. I couldn’t breathe, I laughed so hard.

I cannot imagine what the people waiting in line behind us thought…and really I don’t care, my day was fucking golden.


here’s a comic i did about two normal police officers working out their personal differences. i was hecka self conscious about posting this cause it’s rough hahaha but i got talked into it!!!

Shark Detective is AWESOME!

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Great Land crab. Biscayne National Park. March 2014

Land Crab says BRING IT!

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Rain in the Flint Hills of Kansas. I took these on my iPhone from the moving Jeep, so the quality isn’t the best.

No matter how many times I see it, no matter the season, I never get sick of looking at the stretch of road on I-35 between Emporia and El Dorado. On a few trips I have taken south from KC, I have actually taken the scenic byway at Cassoday. It’s worth it, especially in the spring and summer, even if it’s raining it is gorgeous to see.

I noticed that at least one farmer was burning a field somewhere as we drove through. Not close enough for us to see the smoke, but I could smell it. I love that smell. It reminds me of summer and childhood. Where I grew up, it wasn’t that far from the countryside, so I would sometimes smell it on the breeze. Where we live now you have to drive a good distance before you hit the country, so my kids are not used to it at all. I had to explain what it was and why it is done.

We are making that trip again, twice, this Thursday. Considering the subject matter on the other end of the first trip, I am glad I will get to see the Flint Hills again in the daylight at least once before we reach our destination.